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Current Account

Girobank's current account is a basic product that will enable you to carry out all normal financial transactions easily and make use of all our related product and services. It is intended for non-residents. A personal current account of Girobank is a non-interest bearing account

Some of the benefits and features of a current account are:

  • It is intended for non-residents.
  • The current account can be denominated in both local currency and US dollars.
  • Your money is available to you at any moment, while it is safe in your bank.
  • You can operate your current account, from anywhere you like to, through our Internet Banking System.
  • You can have a Girocard issued with your account, allowing you to obtain cash from any Maestro/Cirrus ATM around the world.
  • You can check your account balance at anytime.
  • The current account could be intended for either personal or business usage

All these are just to name a few!

Should you be interested to receive more information regarding this product or any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at T. 433 9130, F.461 1388 or info@gironet.com