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Credit Card

Your convenient substitute to cash or cheques

Buy goods online, make hotel reservations and rent a car: a credit card is not only indispensible when travelling. It can also make your life easier, by providing instant ways to realize unplanned purchases.

For whom?

A Credit Card is available to natural persons, resident of Curaçao or Bonaire.


  • We offer both VISA and MasterCard
  • You pay at your convenience locally, via the Internet or abroad
  • Unexpected purchases without having to apply for a loan: a credit card can be considered as a small short-term loan
  • Girobank charges 15% interest on your outstanding balance, whereasthe market rate is 18% the lowest interest rate on the local market!
  • By using your personal pin code, you can obtain a cash advance at all ATM-machines of Girobank and from any Cirrus, Maestro and/or CashNet ATM machine of other banks, on the island as well as worldwide.
  • You can check your credit card balance online or via your monthly statements
  • Possibility to stretch your credit limit by depositing a cash reserve
  • The pay-back period of the debited amount is long (24 months). You can optionally reduce the payback period as it suits you.

How to request a Girobank credit card

-For more information, feel free to contact our Customer Support Center at T. 433 91 30, F.461 1388 or email
-To apply for a Girobank credit card, please visit one of our branches

Please download and review the terms and conditions applicable to our Credit card security program

Download Terms and Conditions