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Live Your Life Forward 'KU SAM DEN KAYA'

Girobank is committed to positive developments in our community. Culture forms part of our sponsoring policy. One of the ways we support culture is through our openhanded contribution to carnival (one of the biggest cultural events on the island). Seeing the diverse aspect of this festivity, as a sponsor you have to choose where to devote the sponsor guilder. At Girobank we have set the focus on our youth through the Teens Parade. Aim of this contribution is to motivate the younger generation to keep the tradition of the carnival festivities blooming.

Next to making a contribution to the participating groups we always like to talk about conscious spending. Our Live Your Life Forward campaign is essential, to help us continue spreading the good vibe. The campaign which was launched back in April 2014 encourages people to think ahead and enjoy great moments in life in a responsible manner. Our ‘SAM’ savings account is an excellent tool to help you achieve this goal.

The carnival season brings a number of extra expenses to the table, especially after the expensive end of year holiday season. This period is not only about group participation fees and costumes. Carnival is also about Festival di Tumba, jump-ins, ‘prekario’ fees, make-up, glitter etc. So why not prepare your wallet for this season by starting a SAM savings plan at Girobank?

With the new campaign #kuSAMdenkaya we want to make the consumer aware of this matter and encourage them to safe for remarkable moments in life, like carnival for example.  Having extra cash in your piggy bank will surely enlighten the financial burden many have to deal with each year. Sam offers and easy 1 year plan that can help you Live Your Life Forward and really enjoy this great period.

Girobank is committed to offer you a savings plan that suits your needs and helps you LIVE YOUR LIFE FORWARD ‘KU SAM DEN KAYA’. For more information call us at +5999 433 9130 or pass by one of our branches.